Tuesday, May 7th, 2024 4:20 pm.

I will most likely be the chump.

Pac-Man and I have a rich and storied history, and now that the new Pac-Man MEGA TUNNEL BATTLE CHOMP CHAMPS game is out, on Switch, it’s all coming back to me.

The original Pac-Man game came out before my arcade going time, but it was the first arcade game I ever played.

And yes, it was at a Chuck E Cheese birthday party. I don’t remember who that birthday party was for, and I’m sure, whoever he was, he’s long dead by now. The important thing is, for the purposes of this article, I remember that Pac-Man machine.

We all know Pac-Man. I needn’t get into the specifics of the game. The ways Pac-Man has affected us all are myriad, and I couldn’t possibly know how he’s munched on your lives, but I will tell you some of the ways he chewed on mine:

  1. When I was but a wee lad I found a wind-up Pac-Man toy at my great aunt’s house. Why my great aunt had a wind-up Pac-Man toy is beyond my comprehension.  I didn’t think Pac-Man fever had gripped the nation to the point where it would affect my great aunt, but that was proof.  (Actually, it’s possible someone had left the toy at her house. I still wanna dive deeper into this.)
  2. There was always this lady, who lived down the hill from me, who had an actual Pac-Man machine. It was in her garage and, every time I would go down the hill in my neighborhood, it was there, in her garage, staring at me, MOCKING ME!! And she eventually moved away, without selling it to me, even though I was too young to be able to afford it, and still probably can’t. (I smell conspiracy.)
  3. As a young punk I would always go to the mall arcades, and while my less cultured friends would play Tekken Tag, I would always play the Ms. Pac-Man Galaga arcade cabinet.  (I won’t delve into this too much because Ms. Pac-Man is actually superior to Pac-Man, and I don’t want to dwell on his ex-wife, when this article is about him.)
  4. I have put Pac-Man stickers, which I purchased at a vintage toy shop, on most of the guitars I have ever owned. Most have been cleaned off or rotted away over time, but I still have a “U.S. Pac-Man Team” sticker on my bass guitar, and I DON’T EVEN PLAY BASS GUITAR!!  The use for my bass may be gone, but the sticker remains.
  5. I have a million different hand-held and home console versions of Pac-Man, including this new Chomp Challenge one, on Switch, which I’m about to test out, to see if it makes me a chomp champ or a chomp chump.

Now I’m playing it, and yup, I’m the chomp chump.

I haven’t got past the training stage yet, and after you do, you can compete with other people online, and there are  different mazes, and customizable stuff. And you can warp into other people’s mazes to complete missions?

Clearly, it will take me a minute to figure out this game, but, If you are like me and will buy anything that says Pac-Man on it , you will probably enjoy PAC-MAN MEGA TUNNEL BATTLE CHOMP CHAMPS !




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