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Saturday, March 19th, 2016 8:00 am.


Nicholas Kabat Moose was born  during the late 20th century, somewhere in the Midwestern United States. Little is known about Moose’s upbringing, beyond the fact that he owned over 500 PEZ dispensers, and, from an early age, expressed an unhealthy interest in cephalopods. This quirk would eventually lead him into a disastrous and abortive career as a marine biologist. Regarding this career choice, Moose has often been quoted as saying, “I don’t know, I just really wanted to get into a knife fight with a giant squid.” Moose abandoned this path, sometime in his teens, when he came upon the sobering realization that he could neither swim, nor hold his own against an opponent who could feasibly hold ten knives at one time. However, Moose’s interest in wildly inaccurate marine biology would eventually carry over into his second career as a writer/cartoonist (and would lead to his creation of Rock N’Roll Porpoise Man).  Throughout high school, Moose worked at, and was terminated from, several jobs as a cartoonist and columnist, providing articles and comic strips for various local newspapers. The reason for termination from every past employer during this difficult period referenced Moose’s “inability to not insult his employer directly to their face while wearing a stupid hat.”

Moose would, however, eventually, bounce back from this stretch of disappointments, during his decade-long tenure as a student at Kent State University. His column for the Daily Kent Stater, “Nick Moose’s View,” was praised by students and teachers alike as being both, “ sophomoric “ and “offensively  low-brow.”  With his rabid following at an all-time peak, Moose decided to bring his column to the Internet,via the college-based humor website, Points in Case .com. After seeing  his fanbase  increase by a staggering one percent, Moose realized the world wide web was the way of the future.  He recalled his days as a comic stripper  (that is a person who creates comic strips, not a  person who performs strip acts in a comedic fashion, though there is strong evidence Moose may have done this as well) and commenced production on his own  website, featuring characters of his own design, comedic columns and other kookiness. And, so, was born Nick, the place in cyberspace for all of Nick Moose’s crazy creations!

Along with being a media mogul, Moose is also a proud-ish graduate of Kent State University. He currently resides in a flying castle, along with several hundred super models, and more than one cat.


7 responses to “Meet Nick Moose”

  1. sitemap says:

    My baby
    That article is very helpful for me,i like it,thanks!

    • Kathy says:

      Hey Nick! Your mother and I went to school together and I know from whom you get your sense of humor.

  2. Anonymous says:

    From what I have experienced NKM gets a double whammy “That humor and whit definitely is in his DNA.” Its a family thing!!

  3. Sara says:

    Nick, (Neeco to me), is the absolute funniest person i have ever known! Just luv ya tons cuz!

  4. Lynda Purser says:

    Hey Nick, great to catch up with you. I was your school bus driver from K on. You were a funny kid and you are still a funny man. I chuckled several times through your bio. I have been retired for 6 years(drove for 40, makes me kinda funny, too!) Anywho, glad I saw your guest column in Medina Weekly News. You are still a hoot! Keep in touch.

    • Nick Moose says:

      Thank you so much Linda.
      The time we spent chatting on that bus meant a lot to me.
      I was always the last kid off when everyone else was gone and it was great to have someone to talk to.
      Glad you liked the website!

  5. Hoover says:

    Several Medina MCJVS “joint” teachers contacted me about your article. They asked do you remember him. Oh Yeah I do!!! Just hearing the name Nick Moose brings a grin. Oh yeah always fun and a little frustrating when a deadline is looming. So my question to you Nick Moose… do you have a son named Harry?

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