Grimace’s Belated Birthday!!

Sunday, October 15th, 2023 4:45 am.

I’m literally late to the party on this, and I’m super ashamed, because I’ve mentioned I own a Grimace Christmas cookie jar, so I feel I’d be remiss were I not to mention before next Christmas that that THIS YEAR IS GRIMACES BIRTHDAY!!
Not that I need to mention it, because McDonald’s is going all out to remember and acknowledge that he exists and having a Grimace purple shake on their menu! Which, I didn’t want to get, because kids on Tik Tok already make videos about how drinking one will cause Grimace to emerge from the shadows and kill you.
To be fair, they aren’t completely wrong. Grimace was a big fan of shakes in his early career and he did used to be EVIL! And he had FOUR ARMS! (All of this is true. Look it up.) But all that happened before even I was born, around the time of the Civil War! So by the time my childhood rolled around, his image was softened and he was known as Ronald McDonald’s rotund reliable goofy friend.
I wanted to celebrate his birthday, so I bought this special purple cartridge of the GRIMACE’s BIRTHDAY game for the Game Boy Advance!
It isn’t exactly what I expected.
I mean, it IS purple and it does feature some other classic McDonalds advertising characters: the Hamburgler, Birdie and the McNugget Buddies
But I am having some serious issues with it. Allow me to elaborate.
For one thing, I didn’t think a Grimace game would focus so heavily on skateboarding. I’ve seen a lot of Grimace commercials but has he ever skateboarded ever in any of them? Maybe he did and I forgot. (Although that does seem like some pretty important character development I would vividly remember.)
OK, I looked it up on ebay and there IS a skateboarding Grimace Happy Meal toy that I somehow missed out on! And somebody also went to a Hell of a lot of trouble to paint an elaborate Grimace skateboard! Apparently he is a WAY more important figure in the skateboarding community than I’ve ever known!
This game focuses quite a bit on Grimace’s admittedly IMPRESSIVE ability to skateboard.
In that respect, it’s a bit like the classic game Adventure Island, wherein you ride a skateboard for a while and then you hit a rock and you die and have to start over.
That doesn’t make it a bad game, it just makes it as challenging as skateboarding is for me in real life.
It’s actually a super awesome game produced for McDonalds by Krool Toys and you should go to their website right now and buy all their shit because if you don’t, I just might.
Level two sees Grimace floating in a bubble and bouncing off cats. (Now THAT never happened! Wouldn’t the cats die!?)
It’s come to my attention this game is available online too but I just really wanted it for the Game Boy Advance.
I also recently got the Chicken Mcnugget shaped Tetris game (Yes, that exists.) so I am not the kind of person you should listen to about what to purchase. (Or maybe I am if you wanna be really awesome.)
I have a lot more stuff to talk about involving McDonalds collectibles and weird Game Boy Games but for now, let’s just leave it simple like this:
If you do get GRIMACE’S BIRTHDAY PARTY for some reason and you happen to read this website for some reason, tell me in the comments how you felt about Grimace saying OMG!
HAPPY B-lATED B DAY GRIMACE!! Now it’s probably already about time to put out your cookie jar for Christmas!

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