Sunday, November 26th, 2023 5:36 am.

What were your favorite Christmas ornaments when you were a small child?
I had a bunch.
The Christopher Radko-looking glass born ornaments made by my grandparent’s grandparents, the felt versions of Frosty the Snowman and his wife my aunt made that we used to stick on the window until they finally , but most importantly, my Arby’s Looney Tune tree ornament figures.
Yes, I have enthused in the past about how much I love my Grimace Christmas cookie jar and my wobbly animatronic Bugs Bunny in a Santa outfit, but those came later in my life, and the Arby’s ornaments combine the best of both
those worlds. Fast food and Looney Tunes.
Now, before I get into the spirit of Christmas hardcore, I should probably discuss Arby’s for a little bit.
Pretty much everyone dismisses Arby’s as a legitimate dining choice, but I’ve always championed the food even when Deadpool made fun of it.
Still,even as much as as I like their food, their advertising has not always been the best.
Recently they had a promotion for a Goodburger 2 meal and whatever you think of GoodBurger 2, Arby’s is the last place who should be advertising a burger related movie. Every time Arby’s has tried to do burgers I haven’t been a fan of the outcome.
If my memory serves, at one point in the 90’s they had a mascot that was an oven mitt voiced by Tom Arnold. ( Yeah, that might have been a dumb idea but I’d still buy a toy of it off ebay.)
They did have great success back in the day with kids meals with Babar, the Mr. Men and little Miss Characters, the Hanna Barbera characters and of course, the Looney Tunes.
But Christmas should be about more than just Arby’s! ( I don’t even know if Arby’s is open on Christmas, but my heart goes out to anyone who works there that day if is.) No, I’m pretty sure Christmas is really about Jesus and the Grinch and Doc Boy from Garfield!
The only reason I would even bring up Arby’s is that for me, it’s such an important part of the Christmas tree experience when I was always trying to figure out where the Porky Pig dressed like the Nutcracker and Tweety Bird, dressed like some sort of an elf, would go on the tree.
See, I have one character in that Looney Tunes triumvritave of Arby’s ornamants thats that I never received in “Adventure Meal” and that was Bugs Bunny in a Santa Suit.
But It looks like it’s on ebay I could could probably complete the collection.
Arby’s did do a bunch of other “Adventure Meals” for kids and some did involve the Looney Tunes characters. But

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