Monday, June 17th, 2024 4:27 pm.

I did graduate from college! (Believe it or not.) and I have these nightmares constantly, where I’m scrambling to finish a last class and not have to take another semester. I wake up SO relieved.

Some people have night terrors. I don’t think I’ve ever had one, but I’d welcome a creepy sleep paralysis demon, if it got me away from college. It should interrupt the college nightmare and hand me a diploma, then be my new best friend!

Thing is, I watch horror movies almost CONSTANLY but I rarely have a nightmare about horror stuff. Predator isn’t a horror movie, but the Predetor himself is pretty horrific, and i DID dream about him recently, but I was winning! And I was having fun!!

I think the worst scary monster dream I ever had was having to deal with these giant sow bugs in my TV room. You can call them sow bugs, or pill bugs, or whatever, but they were huge, and since I live pretty much in the woods of Ohio, when I woke up I was pretty sure that actually happened. If it happened right now I wouldn’t think I was dreaming.

So, scary movie monsters is not where my nightmares come from. Mostly, mine come from college, or losing my way in hard to navigate places ,OR not being able to decide what book I want to buy at the bookstore.

I kid you not. When I was a kid ( And well into adulthood) my mom and I would go to the bookstore, and I could never decide what I wanted.  So, in the dream, my mom wanders away and I’m just trying to decide between a Popeye book or a Krazy Kat book. (High class worries,  I know.)

OH! I remember another one! Falling! I’ve never been afraid of heights in my life, but one time I was holding my friend’s kid’s hand, on an escalator, at a comic convention, and I was like, “Damn! We could both die right now, if we fall!” So, now, I have bad dreams about heights; not really being in the height, itself, but falling from it.

I love dreams though, because sometimes you get a good one. Like that one girl you never had guts to tell her that you like, she breaks down, crying, saying saying “WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST TELL ME!!?”  Then you embrace, then you kiss, then you wake up….oh wait, I take it back. That kinda dream sucks because it ENDS!! Give me the sleep paralysis demon any day!

Anyway, I still love dreams. They do fascinate me. Do you ever get a dream you sort of remember after you wake up, and then you go to bed and  the next dream starts off with the previous day’s dream? It’s like, as soon as you hit that hazy spot, when your mind starts swirling, and you get that thought that you last had, when you woke up from your last dream, and you are talking about robots to your grandma again? No? Just me?

OK, I’m always tired, so now I’m gonna go and sleep up some new crazy adventures!



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